Meet Our Aesthetic Nurse

Chris Galbraith, RN

Registered Nurse

Chris Galbraith is our registered nurse who has been injecting fillers for over twenty years. She has seen the evolution of many products over the years. Education is an ongoing process because of the changes in products. Chris attends classes every year to learn the latest techniques. Her philosophy on treating the face is that she wants to make her patients look the best they can at the age they are. She likes a conservative change, making small changes to begin with and then adding more products gradually. She always holds a conversation with patients to make sure that realistic expectations are established and agreed apon. She looks at each patient as a canvas and then together with the patient decides what products should be used and how much should be used.

As an aesthetic nurse Chris gets great satisfaction with her job. Her patients really enjoy working with her and appreciate her suggestions for facial improvement. Chris also worked as an operating room nurse for over 30 years with a group of ENT and facial plastic physicians. She has a great deal of experience in the cosmetic facial surgery field and is willing to share her knowledge regarding that area. Chris considers herself a very gentle practitioner. Our patients tell us that her injections are very comfortable. Her response to that is that she treats her patients like she would want to be treated. That means she will take the extra time to get to know you and make you feel a part of the team here. She makes each and every patient feel special.