Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an extremely effective way to decrease the density of hair growth leaving your skin with a smoother, sleeker appearance. To achieve this, we use the GentleMAX® laser from Candela.

Laser hair reduction works by using a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy is disrupts hair follicle growth to slow down hair production for actively growing follicles. This damage hinders or suspense future hair growth as well.

Although laser hair removal efficiently interrupts hair growth for extended periods, it usually doesn’t result in permanent hair removal. Several laser hair removal sessions are required for initial hair removal, and maintenance sessions may be required as well. Laser hair removal is best effective for individuals who have light skin and dark hair.


Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Most patients say it feels like a rubber band snap when the laser hits the skin, but there is minimal discomfort afterwards.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend 4-6 treatments, however more may be needed depending on the area being treated and the density of the hair.

How often are the treatments performed?

Treatments are done 4-6 weeks apart

How long does a treatment take?

It can vary depending on the area being treated, but typically anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

What is the recovery?

You may notice some redness and/or inflammation for the first few hours, and possibly milia or pimples for a day or two after, but these typically resolve quickly.

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