Reconstructive and Functional

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Also Serving Skin Cancer Reconstruction Patients in Everett & Bellingham

If you have a spot or lesion on your face, it could be skin cancer. Dr. Jonathan Grant can biopsy or excise these lesions to determine if they are benign or cancerous. The excised tissue can then...

Pediatric and Adult Facial Trauma

Also Serving Facial Trauma Patients in Everett & Bellingham

At Cascade Facial Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Grant provides reconstructive surgery after pediatric or adult facial trauma. He evaluates scars, as well as bone and soft tissue injuries, and he strives to restore both function and appearance. He works...

Nasal Surgery For Breathing Problems

Also Serving Nasal Surgery Patients in Everett & Bellingham

Nasal surgery to correct breathing problems can make a big difference in your life. Dr. Jonathan Grant has the experience to address most breathing issues, but the most common problems are:
  • A deviated septum – off-center cartilage and bone...