Facial Plastic Surgery in Mt. Vernon, WA

Even subtle changes in your skin or facial features can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. If you’ve ever wished your nose were smaller, your skin smoother, or your eyes more vibrant and awake, you should treat yourself to a consultation with our cosmetic specialists. They will explain how a particular procedure might benefit you, and what you can expect every step of the way.

Facial plastic surgery procedures we offer:

Patient Testimonial

I'm downright thrilled with my new, younger look! Daily, I witness my "opened" eyes, luminous skin, tight chin, and uplifted cheeks. So, I really hadn't waited too long! I wasn't stuck with my aged appearance. Now, I meet each morning with a wide smile and a sense of renewed confidence. My total experience with the Cascade Cosmetic Team, from front desk to surgery, has been nothing but spectacular! The pre-surgery consultations well-prepared me for what was to follow. My concerns were addressed and resolved. I was sensitively listened to and given clear, trustworthy information. The post-op visits included a watchful, professional eye on my healing. I know that Dr. Grant's gentle touch, plus expert precision and experience resulted in faster and more complete healing.

If you, too, have the desire to look more refreshed and feel revitalized, now could be the time. If this is indeed the time, then definitely Cascade Facial Surgery and Aesthetics is the place! Here's to your new you!