Will I Still Look Like Myself After Facial Surgery?

Facial Surgery Mt Vernon

Facial cosmetic surgery is an important decision that can completely rejuvenate your appearance. However, with all that facial cosmetic procedures can accomplish, some patients wonder if they will still look like themselves after surgery. Dr. Grant is committed to delivering beautiful results to his patients and welcomes you to explore the offerings at Cascade Facial… Read More »

Fat Grafting Vs Filler: Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Aesthetic Goals

Fat Grafting in Seattle

If you are considering undergoing cosmetic treatment to improve your appearance, there is no shortage of options from which you can choose. Aging can produce many unflattering effects, such as wrinkles, creases, and a loss of volume. At Cascade Facial Surgery and Aesthetics, Dr. Grant offers patients fat grafting and filler treatments to restore a… Read More »