“Coming up to age 63 and losing 70 lbs. prompted me to inquire about the Signature Face Lift to get rid of my “turkey neck.” Dr. Grant and his staff explained each and every step along with all the pros and cons of the procedure. The confidence level I had going into the surgery was very high. My recovery was amazing during which I did not experience any of the possible side effects. Within 7 days I was back in the office. It has been amazing the comments I get about how I look. More importantly, nobody knows the procedure was done unless I tell them. I would highly recommend Dr. Grant and his staff.” -T.L.




“Mini” Lift and Laser Resurfacing

Actual Patient


BEFORE                                         AFTER


Upper & Lower Eyelids

Actual Patient


BEFORE                                         AFTER


“Signature Lift”  

Actual Patient


BEFORE                                         AFTER


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