Achieve Facial Harmony with Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Mt VernonThe chin is one of the most defining facial features. When it is not in proportion with the rest of your features, it can significantly impact the entire appearance of the face. Often, patients notice that something is off with their features and seek out solutions to restore balance; some even opt for rhinoplasty to address their facial concerns; however, much of the harmony in the face and profile can be improved with chin augmentation. Dr. Grant has the expertise required to restore facial harmony with chin augmentation surgery. Continue reading to learn more about this procedure.

What Can Chin Augmentation Help With?

If you have always felt like your facial profile was “off” and suspect your chin may be to blame, it may be time to consider chin augmentation to help with:

  • A chin that appears too small
  • A recessed chin
  • A chin that is not in alignment with the cheeks, nose, and other facial features
  • Undefined or rounded chin

Another benefit of chin augmentation is that it is a permanent solution. Unlike fillers that offer temporary improvement before another treatment is required, correcting the proportion of the chin provides a long-lasting improvement.

The procedure involves making an incision into the chin, through which a small implant is placed. Recovery takes about six weeks, after which most of the swelling should have subsided, revealing your beautiful results. Chin augmentation patients can expect an improved facial profile and may even experience a boost in confidence from their new look.

Combine Cosmetic Treatments for Even Better Results

An unbalanced, disproportional chin can draw attention to the slightest imperfections in other facial features, such as a nose that is too large, or a jaw that is not defined. Because of this, chin augmentation is often performed in addition to other procedures to further improve your appearance, such as:

Even if you are not sure about the exact procedures that you may need to increase facial harmony, Dr. Grant will evaluate your facial anatomy to determine the appropriate combination of procedures that aligns with your cosmetic goals.

Improve Your Facial Profile in Mt Vernon

When you choose Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics for your chin augmentation, you can rest assured that you are in the exceptional hands of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jonathan R. Grant. Along with his highly trained and professional staff, Dr. Grant prioritizes patient safety and satisfaction and is here to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. To get started with a consultation, contact our office today for a consultation.