Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty: Is There a Difference?

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery that can be highly effective for both men and women. This transformative procedure can not only improve the appearance of your nose, but also enhance your self-confidence. However, rhinoplasty is also an intricate process that requires a skilled, experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Jonathan Grant, who has in-depth… Read More »

Things to Avoid Right After Rhinoplasty

Before your aesthetically improved nose is fully revealed, you must go through a healing process. The rhinoplasty healing process really continues for up to a year or longer, but the first few weeks are especially critical. When recuperating from rhinoplasty, it is essential to avoid certain activities until your healing has progressed enough. Most patients… Read More »

Areas of the Face Men Commonly Want To Rejuvenate

Men pursue cosmetic rejuvenation with Dr. Jonathan Grant for many different reasons. Some want to project a more energetic and confident expression in the workplace; others want to look younger and more attractive to potential suitors after a divorce or separation. While every patient’s motivations for seeking treatment are unique, there are popular areas most… Read More »

Complement the Results of Your Facelift With These Treatments

For many of Dr. Jonathan Grant’s patients, facelifts help turn back the hands of time and restore a youthful, rested appearance. As a standalone procedure, a facelift is an effective way to tighten loose skin, smooth creases and enhance the definition of the chin and jawline. Incorporating other non-surgical treatments accentuates facelift outcomes for a… Read More »

Important Topics To Cover At Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Open and honest communication with your facial plastic surgeon is essential to a successful rhinoplasty experience. This communication starts with a one-on-one consultation that covers the surgery itself and every aspect of the procedure. If you are considering rhinoplasty, make sure you go into your consultation prepared and ready to learn. In this post, Dr…. Read More »