Areas of the Face Men Commonly Want To Rejuvenate

Male Plastic Surgery in Mt. VernonMen pursue cosmetic rejuvenation with Dr. Jonathan Grant for many different reasons. Some want to project a more energetic and confident expression in the workplace; others want to look younger and more attractive to potential suitors after a divorce or separation.

While every patient’s motivations for seeking treatment are unique, there are popular areas most men want to rejuvenate. Read on as Dr. Grant reveals the areas of the face men tend to focus on.


The natural aging process is not kind to the eyelids. The skin of the eyelids loosens and stretches with advancing age, and bags can form beneath the lower eyelids. The upper eyelids may also become heavy or puffy due to a low or heavy brow.

Dr. Grant often recommends eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and tighten the tissues. With his skillful technique, he can open up the eyes and make them appear brighter without drastically changing the patient’s appearance.

Chin and Jawline

The chin and jawline comprise another area of concern among Dr. Grant’s male patients. Over time, the skin and tissues in the lower face can sag, contributing to jowls and general laxity along the jawline. (It is important to note that not every patient’s concerns are age-related, however. Some men inherit weak or receding chins.)

The process of rejuvenating the chin and jawline depends on the specific anatomical concern and severity of the problem. Many patients benefit from a facelift and/or neck lift, which lift and tighten the entire lower third of the face and define the jawline. Some patients require a chin implant to achieve a more chiseled, masculine appearance. In certain cases, injectable dermal fillers are a helpful way to improve the definition and angles of the jawline.


Dissatisfaction with the neck is also common among Dr. Grant’s male patients. More men are becoming bothered by the wrinkly, saggy neck skin they see in selfies or on FaceTime or Zoom calls. A popular solution is a focused neck lift, which adjusts the neck skin, muscles and fat. Another option is neck liposuction for men who have good skin tone but excess fat on the neck and under the chin.

Dr. Grant’s Expertise With Male Plastic Surgery

Our male patients are usually adamant about looking natural after treatment. One of Dr. Grant’s unique gifts as a surgeon is the ability to make patients look youthful and rested — never overdone. Dr. Grant understands the anatomical differences between his male and female patients and tailors his technique to the needs of the individual patient. He is fortunate to have many surgical and non-surgical techniques at his disposal to help accomplish his patients’ goals.

To discuss your unique aesthetic goals with our talented facial plastic surgeon, please request a consultation by calling or emailing us today.