Benefits of Combining Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

No two patients are exactly alike, and Dr. Jonathan Grant’s customized treatment plans reflect that. In some cases, the board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon recommends combining two or more procedures into a single operation. For example, he could recommend performing brow lift in conjunction with facelift, or laser resurfacing with eyelid surgery.

There are numerous advantages to this approach, which Dr. Grant outlines in this post. 

Maximizes Results

Because facial aging is a complex process that affects the skin, soft tissues, muscles, fat and bone structure, comprehensive treatment plans can address multiple areas of the face and provide more noticeable results.

For example, facelift can rejuvenate the lower face and neck, but it doesn’t address the eyes. Blepharoplasty can be performed at the same time to give the eyes a more youthful appearance to match the lower face. By following this approach, the upper and lower face remain harmonious and appear to be aging at the same pace.

Reduces Risks of Surgery

Any facial surgery procedure carries some risks. Working with an experienced and talented surgeon like Dr. Grant minimizes many of these risks. Combining procedures into a single operation also lowers some of the risks. A single operation offers less opportunity for complications — such as a bad reaction to the anesthesia, bleeding or infection — than multiple surgeries.

Streamlines Recovery

Recovery is a huge consideration for Dr. Grant’s patients. Everyone wants to allow themselves time to recover, without taking too long to return to their normal responsibilities and activities.

Combining procedures streamlines the recovery period and in some cases, shortens it. If you opt to combine procedures, you may end up taking less time off from work or school. For example, instead of spacing out two procedures and taking 10 days off on two separate occasions (a total of 20 days off), you can combine your procedures into one operation and take off two weeks (total) to recuperate from surgery.

Lowers Costs

Some patients enjoy cost savings when combining procedures. For example, instead of paying multiple facility fees and anesthesiologist fees, the facility and anesthesiologist bill only once.

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