Can Rhinoplasty Shorten the Nose?

Shortening the nose with rhinoplastyThe nose is the most central feature of your face and as such, plays an essential role in the balance of your overall facial appearance. When a nose is overly large or off-centered, it can throw off the harmony of your facial features. This, in turn, can lead to emotional discomfort, including feelings of self-consciousness and anxiety.

If you have spent years feeling embarrassed about an overly large nose, Dr. Jonathan Grant, M.D., F.A.C.S., can help. The Mt. Vernon dual board certified facial plastic surgeon performs rhinoplasty to correct an array of cosmetic and functional concerns with the nose. In this blog post, the trusted surgeon discusses how rhinoplasty can be used to shorten an oversized nose.

Shortening the Nose with Rhinoplasty

There are several techniques that may be used to shorten an oversized nose. Some patients may benefit from refining the nasal tip. Nasal refinement focuses on reshaping and sometimes rotating or “lifting” the nasal tip, a technique that is appropriate for patients with a droopy (downward turning) nasal tip. By altering the cartilage so the tip tilts more upward, the nose can appear smaller and shorter. If needed, some cartilage on the nasal tip can be removed or altered with sutures to improve tip definition, the perceived size of the nose, and the general appearance of the nose.

In other cases, more dramatic enhancement (and therefore more invasive treatment) may be needed. This may include shaving some cartilage and bone off of the nasal bridge and reshaping it to improve the overall shape and size of the nose, especially if the bridge of the nose appears too high or too broad. A combination of several techniques may be necessary to produce the best results.

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

There is no one-size-fits-all solution with rhinoplasty. In order for your procedure to be successful, it is crucial that you work with a board certified facial plastic surgeon whose skills you trust. Dr. Grant is an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who is exceptionally skilled in the latest rhinoplasty techniques and technology necessary to produce consistently beautiful and natural-looking results. We encourage you to browse Dr. Grant’s before-and-after gallery to view his rhinoplasty results, and to schedule an in-office consultation to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals.

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