Correcting Facial Asymmetry With Injectables

Dermal Fillers & BOTOX in Mt. VernonNo one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Nearly everyone has traits that do not exactly mirror each other on both sides of the face. Perhaps one cheek is fuller than the other, or one eyebrow is higher than the other. This may be due to genetic factors, aging, the result of a surgical procedure or a condition like Bell’s Palsy, where the muscles on one side of the face are weakened.

Some people believe their facial asymmetries give them a unique or charming appearance, whereas others are bothered by prominent asymmetry and believe it detracts from their self-confidence.

If you have facial asymmetry and wish to address it, you might want to consider injectable treatment with Dr. Jonathan Grant and the team at Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics. Botox® and fillers can improve the contours of your face without facial plastic surgery for a more balanced expression.

What Type of Asymmetry Can Be Fixed With Injectables?

Injectables are commonly used to improve the symmetry of the following features:


Injecting a dermal filler into the “deficient” cheek creates fullness and volume to improve balance and proportion between both cheeks.


Dermal fillers can be used to sculpt and contour areas of the jaw that need more definition.


Dermal fillers may add fullness and volume to uneven lips.


Botox® injections can improve the position and appearance of eyebrows that are not in line with one another. Botox® can be used to either lift the lower brow or lower the higher brow so they sit evenly across from each other. Depending on the desired look, Botox® injections may weaken the muscle pulling the lower brow down or the muscle pulling the higher brow up.

Getting the Best Results

While injectable treatment may not make your face perfectly symmetrical, by adding definition, shape and contour, it can create greater balance between the two sides of your face. The key to getting the best results is to carefully select your injector. Choose someone with excellent credentials and a portfolio of consistently beautiful and natural-looking results. Your injector should be incredibly precise and pay close attention to detail.

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