Important Topics To Cover At Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Rhinoplasty in Mt. Vernon, WAOpen and honest communication with your facial plastic surgeon is essential to a successful rhinoplasty experience. This communication starts with a one-on-one consultation that covers the surgery itself and every aspect of the procedure.

If you are considering rhinoplasty, make sure you go into your consultation prepared and ready to learn. In this post, Dr. Jonathan Grant shares some of the important topics that should be covered during your rhinoplasty consultation.

Dr. Grant’s Qualifications

Not all doctors have the same background and expertise with rhinoplasty. During your consultation, you will want to learn more about Dr. Grant’s certification and training credentials, as well as his specific experience with rhinoplasty. He can tell you how many rhinoplasty procedures he routinely performs and explain his personal approach to patient care.

Your Desired Results

Dr. Grant will ask you to describe what you hope to achieve from rhinoplasty. You should be thorough and detailed when describing your aesthetic goals. If you have any functional or health-related goals, such as breathing easier through your nose, be sure to mention those, too.

Your Medical History

Your safety is Dr. Grant’s foremost priority, and making him aware of your medical history helps him plan a safe procedure. He will ask you about any current or past medical conditions, drug allergies and medications, supplements or vitamins you currently take. He will inquire about any previous surgeries you have had or reactions to anesthesia. Be sure to mention even the smallest details that could help him as he prepares for your case.

The Surgical Experience

When planning for rhinoplasty, you need to understand the details of surgery and the results to expect. Dr. Grant will explain how to prepare for surgery, what happens during surgery, the type of anesthesia you will receive and the downtime that is required after surgery. Once he has an understanding of your surgical goals and has physically examined your nose, he can also discuss the specific approach or techniques he will use for your rhinoplasty.

Procedures That Complement Your Rhinoplasty Results

Depending on your ultimate aesthetic goals, you could benefit from an additional procedure to complement your rhinoplasty. For example, rhinoplasty is commonly combined with the placement of a chin implant to balance out the nose and chin.

Your Questions

There is no such thing as a silly question! Dr. Grant is happy to spend time answering all of your questions about rhinoplasty. He wants you to feel totally informed and educated about your surgical options.

To request a rhinoplasty consultation with our experienced facial plastic surgeon, please contact our practice today.