Dr Grant made them look fully natural.

When I first got my filler in my lips I was very concerned because my face around my lips seemed to deflate! I contacted Dr. Grant’s office and told them of my concern. They had me email them a picture (isn’t technology great?) and they got right back to me and advised me that it was simply swelling that would improve in a couple days.

I was skeptical at best, but sure enough, in two days my face looked fabulous and my lips were luscious Dr Grant made them look fully natural. My “11’s” between my eyebrows were given enough botox to relax them, but it didn’t “freeze my face” and all my normal facial functions persevered! Thanks to Dr. Grant and to his fabulous staff! They are knowledgeable and personable. I have recommended them to friends and I recommend them to any readers out there. All I ask is…don’t take my appointment!