I’m downright thrilled with my new, younger look!

I’m downright thrilled with my new, younger look! Daily, I witness my “opened” eyes, luminous skin, tight chin, and uplifted cheeks. So, I really hadn’t waited too long! I wasn’t stuck with my aged appearance. Now, I meet each morning with a wide smile and a sense of renewed confidence. My total experience with the Cascade Cosmetic Team, from front desk to surgery, has been nothing but spectacular! The pre-surgery consultations well-prepared me for what was to follow. My concerns were addressed and resolved. I was sensitively listened to and given clear, trustworthy information. The post-op visits included a watchful, professional eye on my healing. I know that Dr. Grant’s gentle touch, plus expert precision and experience resulted in faster and more complete healing.

If you, too, have the desire to look more refreshed and feel revitalized, now could be the time. If this is indeed the time, then definitely Cascade Facial Surgery and Aesthetics is the place! Here’s to your new you!


They make you feel comfortable in your choices.

I decided to have an eyelid lift. This choice has changed my attitude about cosmetic surgery. Before I was uncertain what to expect, but I needed to see better without my hands holding up my eye lids. My eyes were tired by the end of each day. My eyelids were heavy.

I have only good things to say about Dr. Jonathan Grant and his staff. They answered every question and concerns, even the silly ones. They are very professional, but in a personal sort of way, they make you feel comfortable in your choices. Dr. Grant explained the surgery in detail and gave me instructions well in advance of the surgery. Surgery was at the Whitehorse Surgery Center in Arlington, WA and was an experience for me. The nursing staff was very nice and helped in every way to make this a positive experience. I left with full instructions and even Dr. Grants cell phone number, in case I needed to call.

I must say I am happy with the work done by Dr. Grant and might just have some future work done by him and his staff.


Very professional and reassuring

Never say” Never!!” Thank goodness options have changed since our parents day and I am thankful I had the courage to have my “hoodies” removed from my eye lids. Dr. Grant and the entire staff at the Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics were very professional and reassuring from the beginning to the end of the procedure. My friends comment on how rested I look or ask if I did something different with my hair! I love the result and recommend this office which accurately advertizes itself as” A Cascade Medical Group Center of EXCELLENCE!


They truly make you feel special

Dr.Grant, Sarah and the rest of the staff at Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics show caring and compassion in the work they do. They truly make you feel special and are interested in you as a person and as a patient. From my first visit I was informed exactly as to what the procedure would be. All of my questions were answered. The surgery went well and I could not be more pleased. I now can see my eyes again and I have eyelashes. Thanks to everyone at Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics for such a pleasant experience.


Phenomenal results

Since coming from Canada and becoming a permanent resident in Mt. Vernon, I needed to search out a Botox® injector, skin care specialist, lip enhancer etc, clinic, After much research, I visited Dr. Grant and we discussed my desire to lose my jowls and improve my skin tone.

I knew intuitively I was in the right hands and that intuition proved correct. The care and attention from everyone prior to the operation exceeded my expectations and my quick recovery made me realize how important a good team, working on my behalf, contributed to the “phenomenal results”.

I would highly recommend this wonderful team to anyone considering facial surgery/botox/filler/ laser treatments from this group of highly trained professionals! As for Dr. Grant, I can’t say enough about him – I am extremely happy I chose him.


I love the results.

Chris is AMAZING. I am terrified of needles so to let anyone near my face with multiple needles is huge. She is extremely gentle, caring and very careful. She really listens to what you want and works with you to accomplish that. I haven’t changed my mind about needles but Chris and the other ladies at Cascade Facial Surgery and Aesthetics make it much easier and I love the results.


Dr Grant made them look fully natural.

When I first got my filler in my lips I was very concerned because my face around my lips seemed to deflate! I contacted Dr. Grant’s office and told them of my concern. They had me email them a picture (isn’t technology great?) and they got right back to me and advised me that it was simply swelling that would improve in a couple days.

I was skeptical at best, but sure enough, in two days my face looked fabulous and my lips were luscious Dr Grant made them look fully natural. My “11’s” between my eyebrows were given enough botox to relax them, but it didn’t “freeze my face” and all my normal facial functions persevered! Thanks to Dr. Grant and to his fabulous staff! They are knowledgeable and personable. I have recommended them to friends and I recommend them to any readers out there. All I ask is…don’t take my appointment!


I was absolutely thrilled with the results!

I was skeptical about trying Obagi skin care system as I never really had noticeable results from any skin treatment products I had tried in the past. Plus I had decades of sun damage and dull, dry skin to try and repair. But I figured my skin would either look the same in 18 weeks or it might possibly look a little better.

I diligently followed each step and used only the recommended products for my skin care program. After 8 weeks I noticed my skin was looking firmer and the hyperpigmentation was beginning to fade. By the end of the transformation process I was absolutely thrilled with the results! My skin is hydrated, bright, and younger looking! The brown spots are virtually gone and I no longer feel self-conscious about the way my skin looks. I no longer need heavy concealers or lots of makeup. Obagi gave me fabulous results and visible improvements of smooth, healthy skin. I am so thankful to the staff at Cascade Facial Surgery and Aesthetics for suggesting Obagi!


I am happy, happy, happy with the results.

I use a lot less make up now. My skin looks healthy and fresh, the brown spots and little broken blood vessels are diminished if not gone altogether and I am happy, happy, happy with the results.

—Anonymous Fractional CO2 Laser Patient

I can’t say enough nice things

I had my procedure done in March, I was back to work in 2 weeks. I can’t say enough nice things about the employees who work in the office including Dr. Grant. I’m very pleased with the procedure that was done. Everything was explained and the follow up was great. I would highly recommend Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics to everyone.