I would highly recommend Dr. Grant

Eighteen months ago I went to my regular dermatologist for a Mohs procedure. (A prior visit and biopsies of two right temple lesions were positive for basal cell cancer).

Prior to leaving, my family and I were advised that I would need plastic surgery the next day due to not having the surgical site closed.  The doctor had made arrangements for me to see Dr. Grant. I was sent home with instructions on how to care for the surgical area of my right temple that night.

When I saw Dr. Grant the next day, I was very concerned about how he would care for me. I was so relieved when he chatted with me for a few minutes then told me how he planned to fill that 6cm surgical site. Good healing took place quickly & ability to style my hair came shortly after.

I am so grateful that Dr. Grant was willing to take me and do such a wonderful work that I hardly have a detectable scar. I have been back for a follow-up and he finds good healing. I could not have asked for anyone better for my situation.

I would highly recommend Dr. Grant to anyone who is considering plastic surgery. He is a great communicator and will not leave you in the dark about your situation.