They make you feel comfortable in your choices.

I decided to have an eyelid lift. This choice has changed my attitude about cosmetic surgery. Before I was uncertain what to expect, but I needed to see better without my hands holding up my eye lids. My eyes were tired by the end of each day. My eyelids were heavy.

I have only good things to say about Dr. Jonathan Grant and his staff. They answered every question and concerns, even the silly ones. They are very professional, but in a personal sort of way, they make you feel comfortable in your choices. Dr. Grant explained the surgery in detail and gave me instructions well in advance of the surgery. Surgery was at the Whitehorse Surgery Center in Arlington, WA and was an experience for me. The nursing staff was very nice and helped in every way to make this a positive experience. I left with full instructions and even Dr. Grants cell phone number, in case I needed to call.

I must say I am happy with the work done by Dr. Grant and might just have some future work done by him and his staff.