Three Ways That Fat Grafting Can Rejuvenate Your Face

Fat Transfer in Mt Vernon, WAFat grafting is a surgical technique wherein fatty deposits from one part of your body are removed and placed in another location. The fat is removed via liposuction and then purified before being reinjected in another area. This fat will naturally revive your skin and make it look smoother with fewer wrinkles.

Why Fat Grafting?

Collagen is a protein found naturally in your body that helps with skin elasticity. As one ages, the face will lose collagen, in turn causing the skin to wrinkle. While injectable dermal fillers can be an effective solution to this problem, fat grafting may be a better option for people who dislike the idea of having an artificially made substance injected into their face. Fat grafting replenishes your skin using your own fat (usually from the buttocks or thigh area) to help it appear stronger and healthier.

Sagging, Wrinkled or Droopy Skin

Saggy skin, wrinkles around the eyes (sometimes called crow’s feet) or droopy cheeks can be revitalized through fat grafting. If you imagine a beach ball that the air has been let out of, this is what happens to your skin, and by using fat grafting, Dr. Grant can “inflate” skin so it looks taut and smooth on the surface.


Fat grafting uses fat cells from your own body. It does not involve injecting artificial substances into your body, and therefore your body is unlikely to reject it. Fat grafting can enhance your skin texture and give you a more “organic” feeling than you might feel if using artificially made substances.

Are There Potential Risks?

Facial surgery can be intimidating for some, but with fat grafting there are fewer worries because the fatty injections will be from you (you are the donor) and no artificial substances are involved. Your body is much more likely to be receptive to the procedure and less likely to have any negative side effects. Also, using your own fat offers longer-lasting (possibly indefinite) results.

Contact Information

Dr. Grant can restore and rejuvenate your skin by using your own fat. This is the most natural and long lasting way to help you look your youngest.

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