3 Ways Aging Changes the Face

Facial Plastic Surgery, Mt. Vernon

No one can prevent the aging process, but there are several ways to slow the effects of gravity’s on your face. At Cascade Facial Surgery & Aesthetics, we offer facial plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help you reverse some of the impact of aging. Dr. Jonathan R. Grant is a dual board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon specializing in facial procedures and can match you with the best one to achieve your anti-aging goals.

Getting older causes countless changes to your face and body. Some of the noticeable changes caused by aging include:

1.    Lines and Wrinkles

In your youth, your body creates collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for that supple glow and make sure your skin bounces back in place after facial expressions and other movements. In your twenties, the production of collagen and elastin slows down. After you turn 25, you lose as much as 1 percent of collagen every year. Exposure to UV light and lifestyle habits such as smoking, lack of sleep or exercise and excessive alcohol consumption can speed up this process.

As the quantity of these proteins slows down, you’re likely to notice dynamic and static wrinkles settling in. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by facial muscle movements that eventually create creases and deepen over time, such as horizontal forehead lines and frown lines between the brows. Static wrinkles appear as part of the natural degeneration of your skin but are exacerbated by sun damage and smoking. These wrinkles are found around the nose and mouth. A brow lift, injectables and fractionated laser skin resurfacing are a few ways to combat lines and wrinkles.

2.    Changes in Fat Distribution

Your facial fat is distributed evenly across your face with plump pockets in the cheeks, forehead, temples and near the mouth and eyes. Unfortunately, as you get older, these fat pockets lose volume and shift downward. These changes may give you a sunken appearance with loose, sagging skin in the mid-face and fat accumulation in the lower half, such as jowling around the chin and “turkey neck.”

A face and neck lift can improve the jowling caused by changes in fat distribution such as a sagging jawline, sunken cheeks, double chin and loose skin and fat accumulation in the neck. Dermal fillers may restore lost volume in the cheeks and other facial areas.

3.    Skin Discoloration

Along with losing the plump, smooth surface of your skin as you age, your skin becomes drier. Exposure to UV light and smoking can speed up these skin changes. You’re more likely to experience skin discoloration, such as blotches, dark spots and an uneven skin tone, as well as non-cancerous skin lesions or tumors.

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