How Long Does It Take to Heal After a Facelift? What to Expect During Recovery

Facelift Recovery Time in SeattleA facelift can help patients combat troubling signs of aging in the face, including loose, sagging skin and deep creases that contribute to a worn-out appearance. The procedure can result in a natural yet more youthful look. If you are thinking about getting a facelift, it is essential that you are aware of what to expect during your recovery. Dr. Grant will provide you with important information regarding your care after surgery. Continue ahead to learn more about the facelift recovery.

Initial Recovery

You will need someone to drive you home after your procedure. It is common to feel pain or discomfort initially, and pain medication can be used to help you feel more comfortable. The need for medication may diminish over the first week. You will meet with Dr. Grant for a follow-up appointment so that he can observe your incisions and change your surgical dressings. You will need to take it easy during this time, and it may be helpful to arrange for someone to help you take care of yourself and your household tasks. It is important to follow all of Dr. Grant’s instructions as you recover in order to avoid complications or any impediments to your healing.

Two Weeks After Surgery

Swelling and bruising are coming as you continue recovering from facelift surgery. Some patients may also have a tight and tingling sensation, but this should not be a cause for concern. The good news is that many patients feel more like themselves after the second week of recovery. Patients will still need to be cleared by Dr. Grant before jumping back into their normal routines.

Suture removal also takes place during the first two weeks after surgery, but this will depend on your healing. Patients may still have some swelling at the suture removal stage but should notice an improvement in their appearance. Incisions may appear pink or red but will gradually fade over the course of time.

After the One-Month Mark

One month after your facelift, you will likely be able to participate in your favorite activities, only now with an improved facial appearance. While it may take up to a year for minor swelling to go away completely, patients will be able to see the changes in their facial contours as well as the improvements in their wrinkles and sagging skin.

Every patient is different, and the recovery experience can vary based on the facelift technique used, the patient’s lifestyle, and other factors.

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