Laser Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars and Other Common Skin Concerns

Laser Skin Resurfacing in SeattleWhen your skin is smooth and clear, it can dramatically enhance your appearance. Laser skin resurfacing, also called laser vaporization or a laser peel, is a proven way to reduce the look of acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, and a host of other skin concerns. Dr. Grant uses the latest laser technology to revitalize the skin with minimal downtime. Ahead, learn more about this treatment.

How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Improve the Skin?

Over the years, the outer layers of the skin begin to exhibit signs of wear from things like aging, injury, acne, and other environmental factors. Additionally, stress can encourage deepening of existing wrinkles or frown lines in the skin, creating an unflattering appearance. Laser skin resurfacing is performed to restore a younger, more radiant complexion. During this treatment, concentrated light beams are used to remove the damaged outer layer of the skin — where hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and uneven texture are apparent — to reveal the healthy-looking skin beneath. Healthy skin cell growth is also encouraged after this treatment to help improve the skin over time.

Choosing the Right Time for Your Treatment

The timing of your laser skin resurfacing treatment is an important consideration. Because skin that has been treated with a laser is hypersensitive to the sun, it may be recommended that you get laser treatment in the fall and winter months when the days are shorter; you may also be spending more time indoors during these seasons. In addition, you can use thick scarves, hoods, and hats to your advantage to protect you from the sun.

Despite the time of year you decide to undergo laser skin resurfacing, you will need to use a quality high-spectrum sunscreen, ensuring that you reapply as instructed. This action can help prevent wrinkles and sunspots and can even help protect your skin from developing cancer.

Why Choose Cascade Face for Laser Skin Resurfacing

When you receive laser skin resurfacing treatments from a highly trained professional, you can see a significant improvement in your complexion. However, laser treatments by an inexperienced provider can be ineffective or even damaging to your skin. Dr. Grant is board-certified and committed to providing safe and highly effective cosmetic and reconstructive treatments.

Better Skin in Mt. Vernon

Achieve the smooth complexion you have always wanted with laser skin resurfacing in Mt. Vernon. To learn more about the benefits of this treatment contact Cascade Facial Surgery and Aesthetics today for a consultation.