Is Plastic Surgery Gifting a Good Idea?

Plastic surgery giftingAs plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity, so too does the trend of “plastic surgery gifting.” According to several news sources, many plastic surgeons have reported an increase in inquiries from individuals who are interested in gifting a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure to a loved one during the holidays. But is this a good idea? Depending on the recipient, it could send the wrong message (e.g., that you believe they need to get cosmetic work done). On the other hand, if a loved one has expressed interest in enhancing their appearance with plastic surgery, the gesture is more likely to be appreciated and well-received.

With the holiday season upon us, Mt. Vernon facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Grant, M.D., F.A.C.S., thought it would be a good idea to address the topic in this blog post.

When Plastic Surgery Gifting Is Appropriate

Choosing to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, regardless of whether it is surgical or non-surgical, is a personal decision. Candidates should be in good health, both physically and mentally, understand the possible risks and have reasonable expectations of the results that can be achieved. In addition, candidates should only pursue plastic surgery for the right reasons. Plastic surgery should never be done to please someone else.

If you are considering giving the gift of plastic surgery this year, Dr. Grant recommends that you only do so to a loved one that has verbally expressed interest in and the intent to pursue cosmetic enhancement. For surgical procedures like facelift and rhinoplasty, it is a good idea to wait until the recipient has researched the procedure and even had a personal consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

If your loved one has expressed interest in enhancing their appearance with cosmetic treatment but has not mentioned a specific procedure, you may consider gifting them a gift card or voucher for a non-surgical cosmetic treatment such as microneedling or laser skin rejuvenation. Treatments like these can effectively improve signs of facial aging and sun damage without the risks and recovery time associated with surgical procedures. You may even want to consider purchasing two gift cards — one for yourself and one for your loved one — and make it a spa day!

To learn more about gifting plastic surgery to a loved one or yourself this holiday season, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Grant. You can reach us by calling or emailing our Mt. Vernon office today.